Daniel L. Amador

Daniel L. Amador

Daniel Amador is a 15-year-old freshman living in Chicago. He’s a believer and follower of His Savior Jesus. He has one dog and seven siblings, and is a pastor’s and teacher’s kid. He is a runner, and greatly enjoys the sport: the challenge it brings; the air and space to think. He loves writing, geography, and reading. Daniel’s favorite book series is the Door Within Trilogy, by Wayne T. Batson. He is part of a large family tree of mostly authors, teachers, missionaries, and pastors.

What He Writes

For years, in his much younger days, Daniel was an avid comic writer. A few times he tried his hand in novel-writing, but nothing turned out. About halfway through age 13, Daniel began to take writing seriously, and put much time into writing books. Since then, he’s been a poet, song writer, author, and blogger. Daniel has yet to officially publish any piece of writing other than on his blog.

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